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Our society is very much characterized by the search for short-term pleasure, intensity (to feel anything at all) and unusual attractions. Many seem to think they have found a good mix of everything in tantra. And yes, tantra is intense, tantra is characterized by infinite pleasure and life is no longer the same as soon as you have penetrated deeply into the matter.

However, I must disappoint most when I say that you will find little in tantra with this goal. Tantra requires a lot of discipline, dedication and devotion. Those who practice tantra want to be able to direct their focus, open their body and face their greatest fears. And sometimes those who come first with the former intention stick around, only to be amazed to find that what they find is far more valuable than what they were looking for.

Before we start with polarity practices, it is helpful to first deal with tantra and the practices alone. Tantra practices are wonderful for learning to focus, to awaken sexual energy, to move energy in the body, and to open one’s mind. This is important for the man as the full expression of the woman freely expressing the Shakti energy can be very intense and wild. This is important for the woman to free herself from trained behavior and to surrender fully to her expression.

There are many different ways how polarity practices in tantra can look like. Some calm, some rageful, some sexual, some confrontational.

When we refer to Shakta tantra, we realize that both men and women carry masculine and feminine energies, but EMBODY ONE energy.

Through the polarity practices we are not trying to have a more exiting sexual life (this is an inevitable accompanying advantage) but in practice we get to know the differences between these two polarities, to learn how to create more attraction, how we can make it safer, more intimate, more truthful. Having to work through each other’s mirrors through whatever keeps us from fully enjoying this beautiful polarity. Death from what we no longer need – birth of a more refined, more alive person. Polarity Practices not only bring us closer to the other, but above all to our own truth. When we meet in truth, there arises what we long for so immensely – true intimacy – to be seen in all that we are.