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We are living in a time where we are forced to wake up. To understand what is fake and what is real, you have to know the essence of Kali. She is the destroyer of all that is fake about your perceptions of life, the world, of relationships. She will liberate your from your unreal self (ego), transform you into your highest potential, and set you free. The knowledge of That, that is beyond time and space; your true essence.

Danger ahead:

You are just about to play with the burning fire that will dissolve everything that you know

Listen to how those of the Kali Family describe our retreats:

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Kali Tantra Retreats


Step into your deep masculine essence. Find out your Warrior Archetype and see through the veils of Mr Nice guy illusions. Know your purpose and why you are here on this planet at this moment in time. You have a natural devotion towards Shakti and her fierce love for you. The Warrior archetype is about taking a good look at yourself. Dealing with old pain and transforming it into FIRE. Practicing honesty and integrity. And standing for your own healthy masculine value system.



You feel the calling of the Temple Goddess and Sacred Prostitute. A deep devotion towards Shakti as the Divine Mother. Your body is the temple of healing and transformation. You feel your Shakti Powers growing and want to learn how to canalize this. Kali fascinates you because she is inside of you. Embody your Shakti Energy to open the masculine to the potency of penetrating the world with his divine energy. The Sacred Prostitute brings back in women the ancient longing of being at service to the Goddess.

We are a part of the same Light Tribe

We are waiting for YOU

Let this retreat be a platform for you to expand in your most empowering potential and full force.

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