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Before we get started, we need to be clear that women have been persecuted for their intuitive powers for years. The wounds are collectively deep, even if we are often not really aware of it. We women have turned away, forgetting to survive, forgetting what makes us unique. All these treasures are buried deep and are slowly, very carefully, being brought back to light. (By the way, this is also part of the Polarity Practices, to go deep into each others collective pain bodies. It is so important that we truly understand the struggles and the joys of the the other)

The sacred prostitude is nothing but an archetype within ourselves. She is the one who channels infinite love embodied by the divine feminine. She resides in each one of us, only a few have access to this energy. Why? Because the ego has to die a thousand deaths to get access to her. One has to become so free that love and the highest good for the collective gets more important than personal wounds, triggers, judgments. The moment a woman can access the energy of the sacred prostitude, all personal themes are forgotten.

Her temple is the temple of love, it serves to heal others, to reconnect with the heart.

Her art was hidden for many years due to the perversions and assumptions of our society. She lived in the shadows. Very slowly some of us sense that she wants to come back to the light.

In today’s society, many of us are jaded. Head heaviness and disconnection from the body and feelings is the new normal. In earlier times, Sacred Prostitute helped men reconnect with their heart, body and spiritual side after the war. She gently opens them with mother’s love and innocent erotic, to bring them back to aliveness. Do you notice that we are at a very similar point again, this time it’s not war, but loneliness, infinite speed and hardness of today’s society. Many are like ghosts. The sacred prostitute is the one that unites ones soul back to the body through sacred rituals. She is the one who serves the higher priestess, the mother, the goddess. She represents shakti in her fullest expression. 

Do you feel the call of the sacred prostitute within you? Do you have the feeling that you have a diamond in you that many would like to ‘possess’ and you are not quite sure how to deal with it? You want to use your beauty and your eroticism for a higher good? Then maybe it is the sacred prostitute that wants to come to light through you.