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There is a (r)evolution going on regarding the masculine energy. Not only within men but also within women. The masculine has been distorted in so many ways: 

Equated with toxicity, so that even the healthy masculine has become more and more withdrawn.

Considered aggressive, so he lost pride in his beautiful strength.

Associated with those in power operating from their wounded parts, so male leadership became something negative.

Here is a statement to the masculine: We need you so badly. We need men who embody their masculine energy, who trust themselves enough to follow their own vision for the world. We need you to be strong, powerful.

Masculinity isn’t what you see on TV – masculinity is allowing yourself to be a man in the form that is authentic within you.

FIRST STEP to rediscover healthy masculinity: 

The first step is to truthfully acknowledge that something is really wrong. That there are many movements, role models and tools (like porn) that weaken the masculine instead of strengthening it. We have to acknowledge that. That’s one of the hardest steps because it’s really painful to see how twisted we grew up, how twisted society is. Really admitting that is a big, important step. It’s death and rebirth. In order to transform the male energy into a healthy, beautiful, thriving force, many deaths must take place.

You have to keep dying in your life to let all that you thought was true fade away so you can get closer to what it really means to be a part of this game of life. – Isabel Froe


Forgiveness and Compassion. As soon as we realize how distorted everything that has been shown to us is and how many manipulative power games are fraught with it, a lot of pain arises. Also, in the form of anger and rage. And that too has its place, in safe spaces for. Because it is a lot. However, we must open our eyes to the wounds of those who have set the example for us. Maybe within the father. Maybe within the mother, teachers, friends, society systems etc. We need to see their wounds so we can forgive. Then we are ready to recognize what behaviors we adopted from all these role models in our youth. We will reconstitute this wounded masculine until we release it, through compassion. So, what is it that you want? Do you want to stay stuck in the endless wheel or do you want to set yourself and others free? Are you ready to create that which you have wished for in your childhood?


Ready for deep love for the masculine. Once we see that much of what we have portrayed as masculinity is associated with the wounded masculine and then realize how beautiful the provident, protective and guiding masculine energy really can be when healthily expressed, we can truly open our hearts towards this incredible energy. Let’s call him in. Let’s make him realize his value.  Masculine energy is supported through encouragement and appreciation of his deeds. 

The time of dazzling masculinity has just begun!